Hollywood Goes Looking For Discount Superheroes And Finds The 1980s - Businessweek

June 26, 2014

They arent as timeless or as powerful as Batmanand Captain America, but they are remembered by many and probably cost far less to license. The hope inside the studios is that Cold War-era cartoons can unearth a franchise the way Paramount rebooted Transformers, according to Paul Dergarabedian, senior media analyst at Rentrak.These executives are sitting around in meetings, looking at a list of things from the 1980stoys, TV shows, and booksand theyre wondering, What might resonate today? Dergarabedian said. Apparently, theres no shortage of possibilities. Heres whats in the works: In August, Viacoms ( VIAB ) Paramount Pictures will http://rachealsif.edublogs.org blanket theaters with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, resurrecting characters from a 1980s comic book and TV series.Lions Gate ( LGF ) acknowledged in early May that it is moving ahead with a movie version of Power Rangers, a live-action TV series from the 1990s in which young people morph into colorful space warriors.Sony ( 6758:JP ), meanwhile, is said to Kim Kardashian be working on a new iteration of Masters of the Universe, the 1980s cartoon headlined by a buff He-Man riding around on a massive tiger . Deeper in the pipeline, Relativity Media has optioned the rights to Voltron, which had everything the children of 1984 wanted in a cartoonastronaut soldiers and lion-shaped robots that occasionally linked up to form a giant humanoid.There are even vague reports that Warner Brothers ( TWX ) may be considering an investment in Thundercats (think Cats: The Musical with less singing and more swords). The arbitrage to be had moving TV and comic book characters to Hollywood has always been sizable.
Source: http://www.businessweek.com/articles/2014-06-05/hollywood-goes-looking-for-discount-superheroes-and-finds-the-1980s

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