Aereo Tv Service Heads To Cincinnati January 21

January 17, 2014

Aereo-internet-TV Aereo who are backed by billionaire Barry Diller, offer a retransmission service of TV channels along with a virtual DVR service. Television networks are not happy that Aereo are storing and retransmitting signals via a bank of mini antennas, and claim that the streaming company are violating copyright and should pay licensing fees just like cable and satellite companies do. The service is available to subscribers from $8 per month and works on PC and a number of mobile devices such as iPad, iPhone and a beta Android app . The service is currently available in 10 metropolitan areas that include New York, Boston, Houston and Atlanta, among others. The new investment will help Aereo expand to more areas as well as get the service running on more devices, such as consoles and Smart TVs. Speaking about the development, Aereo CEO Chet Kanojia said, Aereo experienced tremendous growth in 2013 and we expect 2014 to be another blockbuster year. Last year at this time, Aereo was launched in only New York City. Today, Aereo is available in 10 markets and will grow to 15 by the end of the quarter. He continued, Aereo has scaled very quickly in 365 days and this additional funding will allow us to maintain this rapid pace of growth. We are thrilled to have a world-class group of investors who believe innovative, cloud-based technologies, like Aereo, are the future. Baltimore Gets Aereo Internet TV Service December 16 The Aereo streaming live TV service keeps rolling on, the company have announced the service will launch in the Baltimore metro area covering 11 central counties across Maryland on December 16th. Subscribers paying from $8 monthly , will be able to access live and recorded over-the-air TV channels and cloud-based DVR content on a number of connected devices. The announcement comes amid a nationwide expansion that includes NYC, Boston, Atlanta, Miami, Salt Lake City, Houston, Dallas, Detroit and Denver.
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